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Southco E6-10-501-20 Adjustable Hinge, Black

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Southco E6 series acetal copolymer adjustable torque position control hinge allow users the flexibility to define and adjust the operating effort required to move or position panels. E6 hinges provide infinite control over door positioning and accommodate variables in enclosure construction - without added hardware or installation costs. Aesthetic designs and concealed mounting hardware options provide a clean presentation. With the turn of a screw, these hinges allow users to define the level of resistance. Once adjusted, the positioning torque stays consistent throughout the full range of motion and will hold doors steady in any position. User-adjustable operating effort. Corrosion-resistant materials. Ability to conceal mounting hardware. Minimum cycle performance: 20,000 cycles within +/- 20 percent of static torque specification. Industry applications: aerospace; bus; construction equipment, off-highway vehicles, farm equipment; electronic enclosures; exhibits/signs; food equipment; furniture; HVAC; industrial enclosures; industrial machinery, machine tools and metal cutting; lawn/garden equipment; marine and medical. 3.954 Nm (35.00 in-lbf) forward and reverse symmetric torque. Installation: rivet/screw (thru hole). Leaves: acetal. Pin: polycarbonate. Adjustment screw and nut: stainless steel. Radial load: 3110 N (700 lbf). Axial load: 2000 N (450 lbf). Operating temperature range: 20/150 degree fahrenheit.

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