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18500106 Welding Hose Repair Kit (with standard jaw pincers and hand clamp cutter)

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    Two ears for nearly double the clamping range of one-ear clamps

    Applies uniform force for secure clamping

    Two-ear clamps accommodate thermal and vibrational expansion for a surer hold than other clamp types

    Zinc-plated carbon steel for strength and reduced corrosion

    Corrosion resistance ≥ 96 hours in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9227

Included in the Kit:

Hand Clamp Cutter, Part No. 14100407

This Oetiker 18500106 welding hose repair kit contains zinc-plated steel two-ear and twin clamps, brass hose fittings, and a pair of standard jaw pincers for repairing the hose endings that attach to acetylene and oxygen welding tanks. The two ears of this clamp have nearly double the clamping force of one-ear clamps and apply the force more uniformly for reduced thermal and vibrational expansion. They are also zinc-plated carbon steel in conformity with Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) 1008/1010 or Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) 1.0338 for strength and reduced corrosion for at least 96 hours of exposure to salt spray in compliance with Deutsches Institut für Normung-English International Organization for Standardization (DIN EN ISO) standard 9227. This clamp kit is suitable for clamping Oetiker clamps that are used in a variety of industrial applications, such as heavy machinery, hydraulics, irrigation, food processing, automobile manufacturing, and petroleum industries, among others. In addition to the regular irrigation service kit this particular kit contains an Oetiker HCC 2000|407 hand clamp cutter for easy and safe removal of ear clamps. This clamp cutter is capable of cutting up to the band width and thicknesses listed. Stainless Steel Band: cut clamps up to 7.0 mm wide x 0.8 mm band thickness. Stainless Steel Band: cut clamps up to 9.0 mm wide x 0.6 mm band thickness. Steel Band: cut clamps up to 9.0 mm wide x 0.8 mm band thickness.
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