Oetiker 14100499 Compound Action Side Jaw Ear Clamp Pincer, Curved Handles

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  • Compound action for easier pinching
  • Wide bi-material grips distribute hand pressure and increase support
  • Single handed use
  • Curved handles - more ergonomic, fit the palm better, best for smaller hands
  • Designed by Oetiker for Genuine Oetiker Ear Clamps

Ergonomic Hand Installation Pincer, Curved Handle, Side Jaw

Oetiker HIP 2000 | 499
Item no. 14100499


  • Optimal clamp installation
  • Curved ergonomic handles fit smaller hands

    New and Improved Design


  • 12% lighter making the tool easier to carry
  • Lighter jaw head for better tool balance
  • Streamlined Design
  • Compound action - increased durability
  • Fewer cavities to trap dirt, requires less input force
  • Handles
  • Soft grips for better hand comfort and power when closing
  • Ergonomic grips for better hand positioning across full closing range
  • Redesigned to reduce hand span in open position