10800005 - Closed, Clamp Range 14mm - 15mm (0.472'' - 0.511'')

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For holding hoses, cables, tubes, and control cables parallel

Radiused strip edges prevent damage to clamped parts

Fast, simple, secure installation

Robust execution

Zinc-plated steel to DIN 1.0338 or SAE 1008/1010

Genuine Oetiker Clamps

Known as a “one-piece design”, this type of clamp has an uninterrupted, and thus robust, geometry. It is available with different diameters on each side. Radial assembly is not possible.


By using OETIKER closing tools to pinch the central gap, there is a simultaneous reduction in the two diameters of an OETIKER Twin Clamp so that the lines within them are gripped. The diameter reduction of the clamp is proportional to the width of the central gap. This type of clamp is installed by pushing it axially along the two parallel lines to the required position, and pinching it at the central gap with a force that will accomplish the required retaining force.


Please Note: The clamps included in this kit are not designed or intended for use in PEX applications. The sizing references for PEX clamps are not the same as standard Oetiker clamps. Oetiker PEX Clamps should be used for PEX applications.

Replaces the following:
  • Oetiker 10800005