OCS Parts 2012 Lock Down Washer, E Series for Grindmaster Crathco Classic Dispenser

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  • Stainless steel construction for durability

  • Ensures secure lockdown of the pump cover in the bowl

  • Designed specifically for the E Series dispensers

  • Crucial for maintaining the dispenser's functionality

  • Backed by OCS Parts' customer service and warranty


Product Description:

Secure your dispenser's pump cover with the OCS Parts 2012 Lock Down Washer. Made of robust stainless steel, this washer is designed to ensure the pump cover stays locked above the impeller. Specifically designed for the E Series dispensers, it's a crucial component for maintaining your Grindmaster Crathco Classic Dispenser's functionality. As with all our products, this lockdown washer comes backed by our OCS Parts customer service and comprehensive warranty.

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