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18500056 Service Kit (2-Ear Clamps, zinc plated with standard jaw single action pincers)

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    Service kit of 2-ear clamps and pinch-clamp pincers for hoses and other air/fluid media lines

    Zinc-plated steel clamp construction to help resist corrosion

    Smooth deburred edges prevent damage to clamped hoses during expansion and contraction

    Includes clamps in nine sizes ranging from 9mm (5/16") to 27mm (1") for hoses of varying diameters

    Standard jaw pincers included for crimping clamp ears closed for tamper-resistant seals

The Oetiker 18500056 service kit includes 123 2-ear zinc-plated steel clamps in assorted sizes and comes with standard jaw pinch-clamp pincers for crimping the clamps onto hose, tube, coaxial cables, and other air and fluid media lines. Ear clamps (also called pinch clamps) are circular rings with one or two pinch points that pinch-clamp pincers can crimp for one-time installation; two-ear clamps accommodate a broader range of OD than one-ear clamps, and can be installed on thicker-walled hoses and tubes. The service kit's clamps are made of zinc-plated steel to help resist corrosion, and have smooth deburred edges to prevent damage as clamped hoses expand and contract in thermocycling or vibrating circumstances. The kit includes 15 each of 9mm (5/16"), 11mm (3/8"), 13mm (1/2"), 15mm (9/16"), and 18mm (5/8") clamps and 12 each of 20mm (3/4"), 23mm (7/8"), 25mm (15/16"), and 27mm (1") clamps to fit hoses of varying diameters. It also comes with standard jaw pincers for crimping the clamp ears closed for tamper-resistant seals. The service kit comes in a storage case with compartments for each clamp size and for the pincers. The 2-ear clamps are suitable for industrial or original equipment manufacturing (OEM) applications, and are commonly used on ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM)rubber hose, plastic tubing, electrical cable, welding, and equipment hoses. Oetiker manufactures hose clamps, rings, couplings, conveyor chains, hinged belts, and other connecting parts and accessories. The company, founded in 1942 and headquartered in Horgen, Switzerland, meets International Organization for Standardization/Technical Specification (ISO/TS) standard 16949. What’s in the Box? (15) 9mm (5/16") 2-ear clamps (15) 11mm (3/8") 2-ear clamps (15) 13mm (1/2") 2-ear clamps (15) 15mm (9/16") 2-ear clamps (15) 18mm (5/8") 2-ear clamps (12) 20mm (3/4") 2-ear clamps (12) 23mm (7/8") 2-ear clamps (12) 25mm (15/16") 2-ear clamps (12) 27mm (1") 2-ear clamps Pair of standard jaw pincers Storage case

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