18500016 CV Joint Replacement Kit (ear elements small & large/perf. Bandsteel 7 mm)

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    Ear dimpled for increased clamp force

    Visible deformation of ear for evidence of proper closure

    Perforated band for creating clamps with various diameters and widths

    Stainless steel clamp and band for resisting scaling and corrosion

This Oetiker 18500016 CV joint replacement kit contains both small and large ear elements for repairing CV joint clamps. The perforated band is suitable for creating clamps of various diameters and widths. The dimple or indentation on the ear increases the clamping force for a more secure hold, and the ear is visibly deformed when clamped correctly, providing assurance of proper closure. All elements in this kit are stainless steel for resisting scaling and corrosion. This clamp kit is suitable for repairing portions of an ear clamp that is used for clamping the rubber boots that fit over CV (constant velocity) joints in automotive applications. Ear clamps are suitable for attaching a variety of hoses to fittings or other devices in various industrial applications, such as heavy machinery, hydraulics, irrigation, food processing, automobile manufacturing, and petroleum industries, among others. Hose clamps attach tubing and hoses to fittings to prevent flow leakage, or are used for hose or wire mounting applications. They come in a variety of designs to distribute uniform pressure over the circumference of hoses to bind them to fittings. Other hose clamp types are used for mounting, strapping, clamping, and positioning hose or wire. Hose clamps are suitable for a large number of industries, and commonly used in industrial, electronic, and automotive applications. Oetiker manufactures hose clamps, rings, couplings, conveyor chains, hinged belts, and other connecting parts and accessories. The company, founded in 1942 and headquartered in Horgen, Switzerland, meets International Organization for Standardization/Technical Specification (ISO/TS) standard 16949. What's in the Box? 5 174 Series small diameter ear element 5 174 Series large diameter ear element 1 10ft/3.3m x 7mm coil of perforated bandsteel Instructions

Replaces the following:
  • Oetiker 18500016