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17700340 - SAE Type "F" Clamp (Irrigation), Clamp ID Range 13 mm (Closed) - 27 mm (Open)

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    Conforms to SAE J1508 Type “F” (North America): Perforated band, large clamping range

    Short housing saddling: even radial load

    Robust housing connection: high radial loads

    High quality materials: good corrosion resistance

Genuine Oetiker Clamps

Band and housing are stainless steel materials UNS 201/301, respectively Hex-head screw is stainless steel, UNS 410

Oetiker Worm Drive Clamps are suitable for numerous applications, for example for agricultural and forestry machinery, on ship and marine applications, in maintenance, repair and operations industries, etc. As a result of the generous clamping range, the same size of clamp can be used for several joint diameters.


The closure is a mechanical interlock whose function is to provide secure retention of the round clamp geometry. The interlock can be opened to permit radial assembly of the clamp, and at the same time provides a simple way of relocating the interlock features to obtain alternative diameters prior to tightening.

Clamp diameter

The following applies as a guideline: To determine the correct clamp diameter, push the hose onto the attaching material, (e.g. the nipple), and then measure the outer diameter of the hose. The value of the outer diameter must be slightly above the average value of the diameter range of the clamp to be selected. The listed size of the clamp denotes the inner diameter (id) of the clamp.

Recommended assembly

For professional assembly, we recommend use of a flexible screwdriver. This tool ensures safe assembly even in hard-toreach locations. In series production where there are high process reliability requirements, use of an electronically-monitored Oetiker torque screwdriver should be considered.

Please Note: The clamps included in this kit are not designed or intended for use in PEX applications. The sizing references for PEX clamps are not the same as standard Oetiker clamps. Oetiker PEX Clamps should be used for PEX applications.

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