Oetiker 14100502 Hand Clamp Cutter

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  • Super tough jaws cut stainless steel clamps
  • Oetiker patented design for Oetiker clamps
  • Do not pinch clamps with this tool. It is for clamp removal only
  • For use with clamps up to 0.8mm thick

Ergonomic Hand Clamp Cutter, Straight Handle

Oetiker HCC 2000 | 502
Item no. 14100502

Wide, soft molded grips distribute hand pressure, reduce amount of necessary hand force, lessen risk of repetitive injury and are more slip resistant.

Easy to use:
Position tool jaws across clamp ear, squeeze handles until tool cuts ear, then remove the clamp.

New and Improved Design


  • 12% lighter making the tool easier to carry
  • Lighter jaw head for better tool balance
  • Handles
  • Soft grips for better hand comfort and power when closing
  • Ergonomic grips for better hand positioning across full closing range
  • Redesigned to reduce hand span in open position

    Cuts clamps up to:
    Stainless Steel: 7.0mm Band Width, 0.8mm Band Thickness
    Stainless Steel: 9.0mm Band Width, 0.6mm Band Thickness
    Plated Steel: 9.0mm Band Width, 0.8mm Band Thickness