Oetiker 14100498 Compound Action Side Jaw Ear Clamp Pincer

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  • Compound action for easier pinching
  • Wide bi-material grips distribute hand pressure and increase support
  • Single handed use
  • Straight handles work easily with left or right hand
  • Designed by Oetiker for Genuine Oetiker Ear Clamps

Ergonomic Hand Installation Pincer, Straight Handle, Side Jaw Oetiker HIP 2000 498 Item no. 14100498 Optimal clamp installation Straight handles for easier placement New and Improved Design Weight 12% lighter making the tool easier to carry Lighter jaw head for better tool balance Streamlined Design Compound action - increased durability Fewer cavities to trap dirt, requires less input force Handles Soft grips for better hand comfort and power when closing Ergonomic grips for better hand positioning across full closing range Redesigned to reduce hand span in open position