15300004 Single Ear Clamps, 5.1 mm closed - 6.1 mm open

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Superior Design: Oetiker’s single ear design are ideal for applications using soft or hard rubbers and plastics . Compact one piece clamp provides robust, secure connections. Clamp ear makes installation fast and simple while providing an effective and powerful all around seal.

High Quality Material, Built to Last: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, these clamps provide both durability and a corrosion-resistant finish, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Accurate Sizing: With a mm closed-open range of 5.1 - 6.1 mm (0.201 - 0.240 inches), these clamps offer a precise fit, ensuring secure connections in various applications. Part Reference: 15300004.

OCS Parts Certified Quality: Our commitment to delivering only the best is unparalleled. Every Oetiker product you see under the OCS Parts umbrella has been handpicked and scrutinized for its superior quality. These products are not just sourced from Oetiker – they've been stringently tested to meet our high standards, guaranteeing items that promise consistent performance and unwavering reliability.

Superior Packaging & Robust Warranty: We understand the importance of receiving your product in impeccable condition. Hence, our Oetiker products undergo a rigorous packaging process designed to prevent potential damages during transit. Confident in the quality we offer, we back every Oetiker product with a 2-year warranty, safeguarding your purchase against manufacturing or functionality discrepancies and ensuring your peace of mind.

OCS Parts proudly introduces the Oetiker Single Ear Clamps from the 153 series, exemplifying precision engineering and prime performance. These clamps, crafted from the finest materials, embody Oetiker's commitment to innovative solutions. With the distinct “tongue-in-groove” design, each clamp exerts uniform pressure over the connection's entire diameter. This ingenious mechanism ensures a 360-degree continuous radial force, achieving a secure, leak-free seal, setting it as an industry staple.

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  • Oetiker 15300004