10500348 - Clamp Range 43.9mm - 47mm (1.728'' - 1.85'')

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    1-Ear Clamps with mechanical interlock

    Clamp ear: fast and simple installation, visible deformation provides evidence of proper closure

    Dimple: increases clamping force

    Specially formed strip edges: reduced risk of damage to parts being clamped

    Galvanized or zinc-plated steel band

Genuine Oetiker Clamps

Clamp diameter

The following applies as a guideline: To determine the correct clamp diameter, push the hose onto the attaching material, (e.g. the nipple), and then measure the outer diameter of the hose. The value of the outer diameter must be slightly above the average value of the diameter range of the clamp to be selected. The listed size of the clamp denotes the inner diameter (id) of the clamp.

Mechanical interlock

The mechanical interlock is a mechanical connection which keeps the clamp securely closed. By using a mechanical interlock instead of spot-welding, corrosion around the closure elements is reduced.

How to Install

These clamps can be easily installed using Oetiker Hand Installation Pincers (HIP). The HIP tools have been designed especially for pinching ear clamps quickly and easily.

Oetiker HIP Compound Action, Standard Jaw Pincer, Item No. 14100386

Oetiker HIP Compound Action Side Jaw Pincer, Item No. 14100387

Oetiker HIP Single Action Standard Jaw Pincer, Item No. 14100396

How to Remove

Ear clamps can be easily removed using Oetiker’s hand clamp cutter (HCC). The HCC tool is designed to safely remove ear clamps.

Oetiker Hand Clamp Cutter, Item No. 14100407

Please Note: The clamps included in this kit are not designed or intended for use in PEX applications. The sizing references for PEX clamps are not the same as standard Oetiker clamps. Oetiker PEX Clamps should be used for PEX applications.

Replaces the following:
  • Oetiker 10500348