Ice Blade Assembly

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Ice Blade Assembly

Ice Blade Assembly
  • OCS Part Number: 111146
  • Shipping Info: Free Shipping
  • Product Detailed:

    Ice Blade Assembly, Replacement for Vita-Mix 1151 or 1152

  • Units: 1

OCSparts Price: $15.99

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Ice Blade Assembly

Our blade assembly will replace Vita-Mix part number 1151.  

The blade assembly should work correctly on the following Vita-Mix Models:

1002, 1230, 5006, 5012, 5057, BarBoss, 5039, VITA-MIX, VM0100, VM0100A, Total Nutrition Centers, Vita-Prep, Drink Machine Models

Customers have purchased and installed our Ice Blade on Vita-Mix models 5000 and 5200, the type of blenders being sold for home use at stores like Costco. Based on this information, our blade should work correctly on these models, 5000 and 5200.

Customers have installed our Ice Blade in a 64 oz container used on a Vita-Mix Creations II machine.

***PLEASE NOTE*** This blade WILL NOT fit on ANY stainless steel container.

The product being sold is not manufactured by Vita-Mix. The product is a commercial grade after-market replacement.

All manufacturers’ names and part numbers used are trademarked by the respective manufacturer. These names and part
numbers are being used without permission. No endorsement, affiliation or recommendation is implied. They are included for reference purposes only.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS PLEASE NOTE: Our shipping charges DO NOT include import duty, tax, or carrier handling fees.
Manufacturer Part No.
Vita-Mix 1151
Vita-Mix 1152